Gree Hits a Record High Ranking in Forbes Global 2000.

June 09, 2018

Forbes Global 2000 is a ranking of world-famous companies which is evaluated comprehensively by revenues, profits, assets, and market value among other criteria. The ranking list this year covers public companies from 60 countries and regions. Collectively, the companies on this list account for USD 39.1 trillion in sales and USD 189 trillion in assets.  

Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai engages in the manufacture and sale of air conditioners and other household electric appliances. Its products include air conditioners, enameled wire, compressors, capacitances, motors, and household electric appliances. The company is also active in the manufacture and sale of pumps, valves, and compressors; the manufacture and sale of packaging equipment, motors, transmissions, and control equipment; the manufacture and sale of wires, cables, fiber optic cables, electrical equipment, and household electrical appliances; the wholesale of machinery equipment, hardware, and electronic products; and the retail of household appliances and electronic products. The company was founded on December 13 1989 and is headquartered in Zhuhai, China.

On June 7, the ranking list of Forbes Global 2000 Public Companies was released. Gree entered into the list again and ranked No. 294, moving up 70 places compared to last year. Gree also placed at No. 190 in Forbes’ top-ranked companies. 

Gree also placed at No. 190 as Top regarded companies on Forbes lists.