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GREE AHU adopted thermally decoupled aluminum profile and special rubber to Insulate heat with external metal to ensure the lowest air leakage and the best heat insulating performance.

GREE AHU combined according to user's requirements is widely applied in industrial air-conditioning places like electronic instrument, precision mechanical manufacture ,textile, chemical, cigarette , pharmaceutical or food industry , power station and so on, as well as larger and medium commercial or domestic public buildings like hotel, supermarket , cinema, gymnasium, mall, restaurant, office building and suchlike places.


Humanized Structure:

Thermally decoupled aluminum profile with sealing materials to ensure the lowest air leakage and the best heat insulating performance.

Two-layer panel, heat-insulating polyurethane foam, light weight and low heat bridge factor. Drainage valve is installed at the lowest position of return passage of coil pipe to drain accumulate water and prevent frost crack of coil pipe.

Drainage valve installed at the top of coil pipe to prevent steam blockage to coil pipe and ensure heat exchange.

Each unit is equipped with a base to strengthen the whole unit and make assembly convenient.

Access door is set at proper place for the functional section to make maintenance of functional parts easy.


High-performance Configuration:

High-efficient fan with low noise, less energy consumption and good security.

Seamless copper pipes with mechanically pressed-on layers to ensure high-efficient heat exchange.

Corrugated fin of cold coil pipe adopts hydrophilic materials and can be equipped with drip eliminator to prevent blowing out of water drops in spite of high air velocity.

Inner panel is hot galvanized sheet. be free of heat-insulated sponge, and is the optimum of MAU.

Automatic control system can be set according to requirements to realize automatic adjustment of temperature and humidity of air.


High Quality:

Optimal combination can be made according to selected functional sections. Suitable functional sections and combination mode can be selected according to user's requirements for ventilation and purification. Each process of production is strictly controlled to ensure reliable quality.



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