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Our living environments are more and more affected by modern civilization. As the application of air-conditioning system and various composite materials, popularization of office equipments and development of closeness of constructions and for the purpose of energy saving and reduction of cost which cause decrease of fresh air volume, harmful gas and pollution of creature won t be diluted properly and replaced. Healthy, energy-saving, simple and reliable fresh-air system and equipment has been the focus for engineers and users. Gree energy recovery ventilation system has solved this problem. This kind of system has two-way air exchange function so that the change of indoor temp is little during air exchange. The indoor air can be efficiently filtered by the air filter. New technology and new materials and special technique applied in the unit can ensure low energy consumption, great performance, low noise and easy installation.


Standard Features

1) Replacement and Ventilation Function

I t introduces fresh air into room and discharges indoor airout of room to make you feel comfortable as in the nature.

2) Energy-recovery Function

Internal heat exchanger makes the discharged air and introduced air for cooling and heating exchange.

Energy-recovery rate above 70% keeps heat preservation and ventilation realized.

3) Low-noise Design

Special low-noise ventilation fan is set.

4) Air Filtration and Purge Function

Internal air filter keeps the fresh air introduced into room pure and dustless.

5) Various Series and Multiple Specifications

There are various series to match with the buildings of various structures.





1.The models of 200v power supply type has 3types fan speed and the models of 380v have one fan speed.

2.The temperature exchange efficiency and enthalpy exchange efficiency are tested under these testing conditions as below:

(1)Cooling efficiency:Indoor air 27 DB, 20 WB,outdoor temperature 35 DB, 29 WB

(2)Heating efficiency:20 DB,14 WB Outdoor air temperature: 5 DB, 2 WB

3.Sound power level according to ISO 5151-sound pressure calculated at 1m distance.

4.Operation condition:ambient temperature-15 -50 relevate humidity less than 80 RH


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