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GREE rooftop packaged units provide a wide capacity range from 3 to 30 Ton. These units are completely assembled, piped and wired at the factory to provide one-piece shipment and rigging. Each unit is pressurized with a holding charge of refrigerant-22 for storage and shipping.

The compact design, attractive appearance, outstanding anti-rust cabinet and quiet operation make these units suitable for almost any manufactured or modular homes.

Every heat exchange coil is pressurized with air to 325 psig. After assembly, the unit is pressurized with a combination of refrigerant-22 and nitrogen to 410 psig for pressure testing and additional leak testing. During this pressure test, the operation of the high-pressure control is checked. As the unit is being evacuated and dehydrated, the operation of the low-pressure control is checked. Every compressor, condenser fan motor and electrical control circuit is checked to assure a trouble-free start-up and years of reliable operation.

Compressors are mounted on rubber isolators to reduce the vibration during transportation. Vertical discharge condenser fans direct sound upward and away from any surrounding structures.

All sheet metal parts are constructed of commercial grade galvanized steel. After fabricated, each part is thoroughly cleaned to remove any grease or dirt from its surfaces. The external parts are coated with a power-paint to assure a quality finish for many years. The power-paint finishes with 750-hour salt spray test.


Standard Features:

Reliable compressors:

To achieve the highest possible performance, high efficiency and reliability compressor is used. Compressor contains internal overload protector to insure a long-lived. Compressor Brand just like “DANFOSS” “SANYO”, and so on. The unit contains the best compressor technology.


High efficient coil:

Internal screw copper pipe and aluminum fin is used. It makes the coil exchanging heat efficiently.


Alternative airflow:

Downflow can be changed from horizontal easily. Just removing tow panels, side supply/return change to bottom supply/return. The unit can be installed in different position just you wanted.


System protection:

Using high pressure switch and durable relief valve to guarantee the system’s reliable operation. When the operating condition change strictly, the relief valve keep the system running in proper pressure. High pressure switch can protect the compressor when condenser fan motor is failure.


Quiet operation:

The Vertical discharge condenser fan blowing upward, it carries the sound away from any surrounding structures.


Fan delays:

Electric heat unit’s indoor fan has off delays. For blowing remain heat, there will be a delay when the unit shut down. It can protect the electric heat and prevent the unit starting with load.


High static pressure:

The unit’s static pressure is in the range of 25~250Pa. It makes the blowing distance far away.


Washable filter:

The filter can be washed for using again.


Metal fan:

All of fans make of metal, more strongly structure and more perfect performance. Long-live fan can ensure the unit operating reliably.


Compact structure and easy installation:

A smaller dimension makes a larger loading quantity. All units feature base rail design with forklift slots and rigging holes for easier maneuvering. Durable packaging protects all units during shipment and storage. The package had been validated in vibration laboratory.


Simple electrical connections:

Electric box facilitate connections to room thermostat or outdoor thermostat. Both power and control connections are made on the same side of the unit to simplify installation. In addition, color-coded wires permit easy tracing and diagnostics.


Optional Features:

Electric heater:

Rang of 5~30kW electric heater is supplied for you. One model unit can matched with multi- model heater. Alterable combination of heater and unit can proper adjust your need.


Rigorous Test:

Rain Test:

Place the unit on the test table, energize it, and then shower the unit round and round along the direction of the condenser and the fan with the spraying nozzle above the test table. This test lasts for 30 minutes with the water pressure of 1.0kgf/cm After the test, the unit should be immediately conducted for the dielectric strength test.


Random Vibration Test:

Place a sample on the vibration table in the same way as it is put for normal transportation or as per the test requirement. Around the sample, guard rails with an interval of some 15mm should be installed. Set the test parameters, overall g rms: 1.14G, test frequency: 2Hz-200Hz, test duration: 4h. Report the temperature and humidity at the test field. After the test, check if the packaging and the inside sample are damaged or not.


Long Run Test:

With the rated/low/high voltage, the unit is conducted to run in the cooling and heating mode alternately for the long run test, frequent ON/OFF test and refrigerant leakage test lasting for 1000 hours (approx. 42 days).





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