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With a wide cooling capacity range from 180 to 1280 kW, GREE water-cooled screw chillers are being selected by more and more user for high efficiency and absolute dependability, GREE chillers are new widely applied in hotel, apartment, restaurant, office building, shopping mall, theater, gymnasium, hospital and so on, as well as supplying cool water for machine cooling purpose based on customized design all over the world.


High Efficiency Full Load Operation:

Utilizing new screw compressor technology, the chillers meet or exceed the performance requirements of ASHRAE 90.1. All system components are selected for optimum performance, including the condenser and evaporatars sizes.


Excellent part load performance:

Because the units are not operated in full load condition most of the time, integrated part load value (IPLV) is an important performance indicator as outlined in standard ARI550/590-1998. Thanks to the patented design of two system parallel connection technology, a excellent IPLV performance has been come true.


Capacity control:

Step or stepless capacity control are optional available, enable the unit be turned on with the least load to reduce startup current; and match up capability output of the units to actual load, which make the units operate steadily and reduce operation cost.



Compact suction gas cooled semi-hermetic twin screw compressors with high efficiency performance curve. Compressors are provided with high efficiency suction strainer, oil trainer crank case heater and built in safety pressure relief valve. Compressors are also provided with intelligent electronics including motor temperature monitoring, phase reversal protection, manual reset lock-out and discharge temperature protection by PTC`s sensors. Optimized oil management ensure minimum refrigerant dilution in oil.



Flooded type, shell-and-tube type with refrigerant evaporated inside the shell and water flowing in the tubes. With special high efficiency pool boiling heat-exchange tubes, which are expanded into a steel plate, the flooded type structure enable both the theories of pool boiling and nucleation boiling be well applied. Thus, the uniform refrigerant distribution, optimized temperature field of heat transferring, heightened evaporating temperature are achieved, and cooling capacity and EER of the unit are improved greatly. All evaporator are designed, constructed, inspected, and stamped according to the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.



The condenser is shell-and-tube type, carbon steel fin and seamless high efficiency copper tubes with inside the shell and flowing through the tubes. Each condenser is designed, constructed, inspected, and stamped according to the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.


Reliable oil return:

In order to ensure the oil in refrigeration system returning to compressor, the secondary oil separator with both centrifugal and absorption setups is used for improving the separating efficiency of oil from refrigerant, and a kind of injection equipment of refrigerant is specially designed which can be a great help of oil returning into compressor from refrigeration circuit; At the same time, the low oil location protection is applied to avoid the damnification to compressor from low oil to ensure reliability of the chiller.


Strict Out-going test:

Each unit will be tested strictly not only on nominal operation condition but also minimum/maximum operation condition when leave factory by advanced on-line test system.


Control panel:

The Control panel provides a friendly interface for the operator with the color touch LCD(liquid crystal display) which can display chiller's operating status, diagnostic message and date curve.


Superior Controls:

GREE has provided the latest technology in controlling the chillers. The control logic is designed to provide maximum efficiency, to help provide continuous operation in unusual operating conditions through proactive controls, and to provide the history record of operating to aid in trouble shooting. Protocol for integrating with your building automation system (BAS) are optional available.






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