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Brief Introduction:

The units with multi refrigerant circuits from to 152 kW have outstanding benefits that make this product effective for a variety of applications. The units are shipped from the factory completely ready for installation and use. Each unit is pressure-tested, evacuated, and fully charged with R410A, and has an initial oil charge. After assembly, a complete operation test is performed with water flowing through the cooler to assure that the refrigeration circuit operates correctly. The units can be installed on the rooftop, ground outside and so on instead of being equipped within a special machine room. It can be widely applied in new built or reconstructed industry and civil-building project, such as hotel, apartment, restaurant, office building, shopping mall, theater, gymnasium, hospital and so on, as well as supplies required cooling water for factories in technical process of producing, so it's especially suitable for some special locations around where there are high-level requirements for noise and environments and cooling tower are difficult to install.


High Efficiency Full Load Operation:

Utilizing new scroll compressor technology, the chillers meet or exceed the performance requirements of ASHRAE 90.1. All system components are selected for optimum performance, including the condenser coil areas and evaporator sizes.


Excellent Part Load Performance:

By using multi compressors on each chiller, unloading characteristics and part load performance are outstanding. Integrated part load value (IPLV) is a part load performance indicator as outlined in ARI Standard 550/590-1998. The IPLV rating compares the performance of different chillers under identical conditions. When the IPLV is listed in EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), a higher EER will indicate that the chiller's overall performance is better.


Compact Design with Small Footprint:

The chillers have a reputation for a compact design and small footprint. A small footprint can save installation costs by minimizing the size of the concrete mounting pad or reduces the amount of structural steel if the unit is mounted on the rooftop.


Quiet Operation:

The chillers are designed with quiet scroll compressors. Fans are selected for good performance and lower sound levels. The attention to detail with sound is critical in the design. Small issues such as refrigerant piping, supports for piping, securing components to the structure are all important to making a quiet product. We proudly publish our sound performance.


Superior Controls:

GREE has provided the latest technology in controlling the chillers. The new controller provides a “user friendly”environment for the operator. The control logic is designed to provide maximum efficiency, to help provide continuing operation in unusual operating conditions through proactive controls, and to provide a history of conditions to aid in problem resolutions. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the Protocol for integrating with your building automation system (BAS).



These rugged hermetic compressors are constructed with an integral cast iron frame, cast iron scrolls, three Teflon impregnated bearings, and three oil filtration devices for each compressor. One to thity-two compressors can run, depending on the load of the system, resulting in excellent Part-load efficiency. Each refrigerant circuit has specially designed oil and gas equalization lines to control oil migration. The design also offers radial and axial compliance, a large internal volume for liquid handling, a removable suction screen, and a rotary dirt trap and oil screen. In addition, the compressor is self-compensating for wear, handles moderate liquid slugging, and inherently yields high efficiency.







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